Medicine & Healthcare

Weekend Business Report is proud to not only feature companies that are making a real difference in healthcare, but to have profiled Medical Centers, and produced documentaries that help people better understand the world of medicine. Here are some solutions that are making a difference.

  1. Aetna Voices of Health - Hosea: Feed 

   the Hungry

  1. Aetna Voices of Health - Latino Health Access

  1. Aetna Voices of Health - Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce - Education Foundation

  1. Aetna Voices of Health - Community   Outreach Volunteers

  1. Broward health

  2. Paracol -50% Less Cholesterol Egg

Family AIDS Quiz


Critical Choices

Hanley Center - Help Becomes Hope

Boca Raton Community Hospital -              Imagination

Boca Raton Community Hospital - Nursing

Medical Commercials